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Like many other major software vendors, such as Microsoft & Adobe, Autodesk are moving down the road towards a subscription service for their customers. It’s a great fit for Autodesk products, which are already updated annually, are often project orientated and require flexible access to software, and already have an extremely high take up of maintenance subscription (new version cover & support).

However, the move towards subscription has resulted in some significant licensing changes, which are important to understand for users with legacy Autodesk products in place, or new users.

Upgrade Policy Change

As of February 1st 2015, you will no longer be able to upgrade any older version of your Autodesk products. At the moment, it’s still possible to upgrade from 6 versions back (and Autodesk have a great legacy upgrade promo this month as well) allowing customers to skip releases; but this will no longer be an option as of February next. Let’s have a look at how this could affect an AutoCAD LT transactional purchase customer, who likes to skip versions, and purchase sporadically.

A new LT licence is approx. €1200 ex. Vat. Previously, this could be upgraded in future for approx. €840 ex. Vat; however from Feb 2015 on, an upgrade to any new version will cost the full price- €1200 ex. Vat.

This does not affect customers who already have an active maintenance subscription in place, as new version cover is included in this option.

So how best to react to this significant change?

Desktop Subscription (Rental)

This is an ideal solution to the removal of upgrades. Some of the great benefits:

Highly recommended for users seeking project & budget flexibility, plus all the great features of Autodesk products & support services.

Upgrade before February 2015 – and include Maintenance Subscription

For users with Autodesk legacy products, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the product today – and include maintenance subscription. This allows perpetual licence purchasers access to new version releases, support, cloud services, and flexible use rights.

Autodesk are currently running several promotional offers to upgrade with maintenance subscription – so anyone with legacy Autodesk products should seriously consider upgrading today, before their assets are reduced in value.


Fionán Ó Cinnéide

Most Symantec customers are well aware of the support/maintenance subscription that comes with their Symantec Licences whether it be for Symantec EndPoint Protection or Symantec Protection Suite etc. Support is usually procured as Basic or Essential with your original licence purchase and renewed annually thereafter.

Some recent news from Symantec may impact the next time you are looking to renew your Symantec Maintenance.

Symantec previously had a generous grace period whereby you could renew your maintenance upto 90 days post expiry. While not recommended for such an important security update many customers would have renewed support quite late in the day. Recently, Symantec has decided to close this gap and from April will operate a strict 30 day grace period for all renewals.

Our recommendation – get your Symantec support renewed before expiry date but certainly within the 30 day grace period so you are not faced with Upgrade costs to re-instate this vital maintenance contract.

Need a quote for an upcoming maintenance renewal? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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