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Category Archives: TechNet

TechNet Subscriptions, a paid service which allows IT Professionals to evaluate and plan MS deployments, is due to be retired on August 31st 2013.

Customers with active subscriptions will be able to access their program benefits through the end of their current subscription.

Microsoft’s ‘what now?’ information is a little confused here. They say they announced this 2 months in advance in order to allow people ample time to decide to purchase subscriptions. In the same breath they say that the ‘decision to retire the TechNet Subscription service does not impact the TechNet site’. Only time will tell if the free offering will be on a par with the current subscription offering.

That said, the current Evaluation Centre and Virtual Academy are also great resources, which certainly complement the TechNet offering.

For more on Microsoft’s decision to retire the TechNet Subscription service and the implications for current subscribers please review the Retirement FAQ.