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Category Archives: SPLA

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that significant price increases are due to come into effect from January 2014 for service providers.

For the first time since the SPLA model was introduced Microsoft have decided to increase pricing on the Windows Server product family.

The changes are scheduled to be staged, with the initial increase coming in January 1st 2014 and the remaining increase in January 1st 2015.

With the recent announcement of increases in pricing for Windows Server in other VL programs, this announcement while well concealed was always on the cards.


Microsoft is set to announce changes to the terms of reference for the hosting channel (service providers contracted under SPLA). This will result in a change in the T&C’s for the hosting community with the contract refresh coming in September 2013 with specific reference to how Service Providers can contract with end user customers. The current rule dictates that service providers cannot use end user customer hardware to provide hosting services using Microsoft technology. This direct correlation with hardware ownership is going to be replaced by the following “managed and controlled by service provider” on End User facilities.


One of the more interesting tidbits we learned while at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is that wait for Lync Voice breakout for O365 is over. At this year’s Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference, it was revealed that Microsoft will allow the hosting community to leverage Microsoft O365 E3 and E4 plan customers, to provide hybrid agreement multi-tenant Lync Voice services.

This allows service providers working under the SPLA framework to provide Lync hosting services with PSTN breakout, which integrates with their customers O365 tenancy.

For current Lync solution providers, this announcement bridges both a technical, infrastructure and licensing gap and aligns further Microsoft’s broad cloud approach from a partner perspective.

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