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Guest post by Conor Magee, Solutions Consultant, Ergo

Hackers and cybercriminals are launching increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks, including the “WannaCry” ransomware that is currently causing widespread problems for businesses across the globe. To counter this, Microsoft have recently released additional security and advanced threat protection options for Office 365 that provide an additional layer of protection against new threats. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides a way to protect users from malicious links in emails, zero-day attacks and unknown malware and viruses. It includes features such as:

  • Safe Links which provides comprehensive detection and deactivation of malicious links before the mail is delivered to any device.
  • Safe Attachments which opens email attachments in a special, protected hypervisor environment and watches to see if there is suspicious activity.


For organisations that have Office 365 Enterprise E5 licensing in place, these Advanced Threat Protection services are already included as part of the licensing package and just need to be configured and enabled.

For organisations that have Exchange Online, Enterprise E1 or E3 licensing, Advanced Threat Protection can be added as a standalone license, adding an additional layer of security to existing email services.

If this something that you would be interested in learning a bit more about, and would like to speak to a Micromail expert please click on the link below:

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