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Over the past few years the student offering for Microsoft Office has undergone numerous modifications. From product configuration to pricing, updates were frequent and hard to keep up with. Now Microsoft have now announced another major change which should hopefully standardise this offering and bring some much needed clarity, becoming available from the 1st December.

The good news? Office for students will be FREE!

The catch? It is available only to students whose academic organisation covers 100% of their organization’s faculty and staff with either Office Professional Plus or Office 365 Pro Plus.

In fairness this isn’t much of a catch, with most sites running Microsoft Office having such an arrangement in place. The product will be an annual subscription to Office 365 Pro Plus.

So what next? The qualifying organisation will need to contact their Microsoft reseller  in order to activate the offering. Once this is complete you will of course need to consider the practical implications of deployment etc. Microsoft will make deployment guides available (to the best of our knowledge) and there should be some level of direct support.

So if you want to get up and running, ask your organisation to contact their reseller/LSP to get the ball rolling! Oh …and did I mention, it is FREE

Seán Deasy – Microsoft education licensing specialist.

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