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Some good news from Adobe; they have decided to push back their changes to the Upgrade Policy announced before Christmas; so for the rest of 2012 customers WILL be able to upgrade from CS3 & CS4.  The following is from Adobe’s upgrade page:

“To ensure customers have the opportunity to evaluate CS6, Adobe will extend an introductory offer to CS3 and CS4 customers for special upgrade pricing on CS6 until December 31, 2012. This will give CS3 and CS4 customers an upgrade path to CS6. Customers who remain on CS2 or earlier will not be eligible for upgrade pricing for CS6.”

Adobe have announced that CS6 will be launched in the first half of 2012 so all CS2 users should consider upgrading now while they are still within upgrade eligibility. There’s also a 15% upgrade promotion to CS5.5 running until March so there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

by Fionán Ó Cinnéide – Adobe Licensing Specialist


  1. Thank you for at last thinking of your long term amateur users who cannot afford to instantly upgrade to the next version as soon as it is released or who don’t need a few extras that the upgrades gives at what in the UK is around the £200 mark!
    My real annoyance is that despite being a registered customer since Photoshop version 3 I rearly if ever get a email from Adobe and like most others learn what Adobe are about to do via the press. Not very customer focused I think you’ll agree!

  2. Hi Graham, thanks for your comment. Yes, unfortunatley Adobe can be a bit slow to alert customers to major licensing/upgrade changes; but we’ll certainly post any major developments that are of importance. So keep an eye here!

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