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Adobe is completely overhauling their upgrade policy as part of significant licensing changes announced during Adobe Max last month. Once CS6 is launched (expected in 2012, based on previous release patterns) customers will only be allow to upgrade from either CS5 or CS5.5. So those used to upgrading from three versions back will now be faced with the prospect of purchasing a full new licence rather than an upgrade.

Given the enduring popularity of CS3 this will affect many  Creative Suite users; but there is some good news. Adobe are offering a 20% discount on all upgrades from CS2/3/4 until the end of 2011. So the onus is on the customer to upgrade now, or find themselves out of the upgrade loop and  facing high software refresh costs in the future.

Even the single applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. are entitled to this discount so I would highly recommend that this avenue is explored.

There have been some major changes to Creative Suite with each new version so it’s worth checking all the new features that will be available to you if you upgrade. You can explore this and all your upgrade options on Micromail’s dedicated CS upgrade site.


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