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With the recent launch of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 the usual questions and fears emerge, as is so often the case with new operating system releases: how will it affect the programs I already have and will older software packages work on my new O/S? These worries do have some foundation as there can be issues running software not specifically designed for the newest O/S.

With many Apple designers having recently upgraded to Adobe CS5.5 they will want to know if there will be a smooth integration with the new O/S, and what bugs they will have to face.  Well the good news is that Adobe and Apple have worked closely on this launch and have tested that CS5 & CS5.5 run reliably on Lion.

CS3 & 4 have also been tested, and issues have been uncovered; click here for a full list of the emerging issues for CS3, 4 & 5

So for now there is no need to look for the latest Adobe patch- but if you do come across any bugs then please feel free to report to Adobe using the bug report form.

For CS2 customers some bad news- due to Apple’s withdrawal of Rosetta & PowerPC support CS2 will not work on Lion; the good news is that commercial and educational customers can still be upgraded to CS5.5 if they hurry; once CS6 is released then this upgrade option won’t be available.

Fionán Ó Cinnéide

Adobe Licensing Specialist

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