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Photoshop & Premiere Elements are familiar packages to most software users, especially to Photography and Video enthusiasts; but did you know that the Elements package can be used outside the home and hobbyist environment? Many view the Elements as a watered down version of the full Photoshop & Premiere Pro- but this is not the case. While only certain features of the full packages are included, those present are equally as powerful as in the Professional editions. This allows users to access some of
the full features without being overwhelmed by the number of options which are present in the full editions. The Elements packages are particularly useful in the School environment, giving school children…

an easy and fun introduction to photo and video editing and also potentially forming and assisting the curriculum. The Elements packages can allow students to work on projects and presentations as a
class, in groups or on their own; Elements brings new life to the curriculum  offering the possibility of greater interaction and allowing easy class contribution.

Why not see for yourself? Micromail recently hosted a free online seminar with Adobe to highlight to role of Photoshop & Premiere Elements in schools; Adobe’s product specialist Steve Burnard gave an hour
session which you can now view online.


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