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Back in November 2010 Adobe released the latest version of the free Adobe (Acrobat) Reader, version X (10). Reader allows you to view and print PDF files. Adobe claim there has been more than 600 million downloads of Reader to date and when a new version of Reader is released millions of users rush to download it. Spammers and other miscreants took this opportunity to send emails to lure people into clicking on suspicious looking links. Another such email arrived into my Junk Mail today.

Subject: Adobe Acrobat Reader latest version released! Upgrade Available Now

Adobe is pleased to announce that a new version of Acrobat PDF Reader was released today with new features, options and improvements.

[snip…URL removed in case you are tempted …]

What’s new in this version:

* Read, search, and share PDF files.
* Convert to PDF.

Beware of emails like this one or with similar Subject lines and if they make their way into your Inbox, delete immediately.

The one and only place you should ever download the Adobe Reader is direct from the Adobe website –

Stephen Foley

Adobe Licensing Specialist

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