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Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN

Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN

Do you have an active MSDN Premium subscription for Visual Studio?  With the 2010 release of Visual Studio, there have been a number of significant changes to the MSDN based subscription. You need to be aware of these in order to ensure you maintain your expected level of benefits when renewal time comes about. And there is some good news too…

With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft “simplified” the options available by making the distinction between product levels (Pro, Premium, Ultimate) and not MSDN subscriptions. For example, you will now see Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN, whereas previously, it was possible to have a mix of Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Professional & MSDN Premium. Now the Visual Studio Edition you licence determines the MSDN benefits you are entitled too. For many subscribers, this already means that their Visual Studio Edition will have gone up one level (from Professional to Premium, or from Premium to Ultimate). However to remain at this higher level it will be necessary to renew up.

“Renew Up” – Stay at the New Level without buying a Step-Up!

The most common misunderstanding we have seen with this new branding and subscription model is with customers on Visual Studio 2008 Pro with MSDN Premium. Today Visual Studio Professional 2008 developers who bought a Premium MSDN Subscription have already been migrated to Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN Premium. Check your benefits on MSDN today if you doubt this! It will be possible to revert back to Visual Studio Professional 2010 with MSDN Pro by opting for a lower priced subscription, but you will lose some of the benefits you have today and miss out on new features you are now enjoying as an MSDN premium subscriber. Developers with Visual Studio 2008 & MSDN Premium subscriptions can transition to Visual Studio Premium 2010 with MSDN for the same cost as they have previously been paying, including such features as static code analysis, code profiling,  code coverage, coded UI testing, Test Impact Analysis, Architecture & Modelling Tools –(Read Only). We strongly advise developers to review the feature set available in your current subscription  and renew up, as this shouldn’t cost you more than you are currently paying.

Developers on Visual Studio 2008 Team Edition with MSDN Premium can transition to Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 with MSDN, encompassing the four previously separate roles Architect, Database,  Developer & Test. This is very significant as Microsoft are now bundling the features of all these roles into a single edition of Visual Studio.  In real terms what Microsoft are offering is the chance to hold onto the extra developer toolsets granted to active MSDN subscribers at the time of the release of Visual Studio 2010 without having to pay for the “license only” component.  You just pay for the higher MSDN renewal level. In this case renewal costs will be higher but your savings as compared with purchasing a new subscription will be substantial.

If you are renewing your MSDN, please contact us today for a complete review of the options available to you.


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