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As we all know schools are under increasing pressure to maximise their budgets. With the growing use of interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom, software has quickly become a priority for most schools. However there seems to be an increasing gap between the necessity of software in schools and the funding our schools are receiving. However some respite is available, for those schools classed as DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) by the Department of Education. Under the PILSA (Partners in Learning Schools Agreement) programme, Microsoft offer a software bundle which includes Office and Windows Upgrade at a significant discount under an annual subscription basis.

This allows you to avoid making large upfront payments and entitles you to the latest versions of the software when you are ready to deploy them. As an additional benefit school staff are entitled to install the software on their personal computer for work use.

As Microsoft partners, Micromail are delighted to assist your school in signing up for this agreement. Micromail have a long established track record with the education sector in Ireland. Based in Cork, we are a wholly owned Irish company and are always just a call away. So for the latest pricing and to discuss your options, please get in touch.

Sean Deasy

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