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Monthly Archives: December 2010

As we all know schools are under increasing pressure to maximise their budgets. With the growing use of interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom, software has quickly become a priority for most schools. However there seems to be an increasing gap between the necessity of software in schools and the funding our schools are receiving. However some respite is available, for those schools classed as DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) by the Department of Education. Under the PILSA (Partners in Learning Schools Agreement) programme, Microsoft offer a software bundle which includes Office and Windows Upgrade at a significant discount under an annual subscription basis. Read More »

Adobe Acrobat has long been the de facto tool for creating files in Portable Document Format (PDF). It was Adobe Systems who created the PDF file format back in 1993 but today PDF is actually an open standard (ISO 32000 for all you who were wondering).  As long time Acrobat users know, Acrobat is far more than just a PDF creator. Leaving the run-of-the-mill stuff like creating PDF’s from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. to one side, Acrobat also allows you to create and distribute fillable forms, permanently delete sensitive information with redaction tools, validate doc’s for conformance to ISO standards, archive emails from Microsoft Outlook, apply encryption protection to documents and with the latest release of Acrobat X (version 10) in November the feature list just goes on and on.

In my opinion one the best features of Acrobat happens to be one of its least known. Everyone knows that the free Adobe Reader allows you to open, search and print PDF’s. What people don’t know is that Acrobat allows Adobe Reader users do more. Much more in fact… Read More »