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When you try to open an Excel 2010 document in the browser you may get an error message to the effect that the workbook cannot be opened as it contains features not supported by Excel in the browser. In this case the unsupported feature is XML Maps. Didn’t know you had XML Maps in your workbook? Tsk tsk.

To remove the unsupported feature in Excel 2010 there are a few things to do…

  1. Make a copy of the original workbook. Using the copy, go to the File Menu and choose Options/Customize Ribbon. On the right hand screen (Main Tabs) tick Developer and click OK. The Developer Tab will now be showing on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the Source button (it’s on the fourth group counting from the left). An XML Source Panel will appear to the right of your worksheet. At the bottom of this panel you will see two buttons, Options & XML Maps. Click on XML Maps. This pops up a dialog with a list of XML maps in this workbook. Click delete. Save the workbook. You will now be able to open the workbook using Excel 2010 Web App.

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