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Forefront TMG 2010 includes two new features, URL Filtering & Malware Inspection that to be truly effective require a subscription. This is called Web Protection Service (WPS) and, unlike TMG itself, which is licensed per processor, WPS is licensed per user or device. The best post I’ve seen on the URL Filtering & Malware Inspection features is an article in TechNet magazine

So far so good. Question is, how do you subscribe to the service, and, how, after subscribing, do you activate the subscription?


You can subscribe via volume licensing programs such as OV, OVS, Select & Enterprise.


Problem is, no one seems to know how the activation is done. So here, for the first time, the secret of WPS activation is revealed!

  1. Use the 120-day evaluation.
  2. When it comes time to activate, look for the activation or license key on every Microsoft license portal you can think of. Well OK, that won’t work. So just try: your license agreement number if it’s an OV/OVS,┬áSelect or Enterprise enrollment. If you don’t know your agreement number you’re stuck because although it says you can leave the field empty and just type the expiry date you’ll be faced with a Forefront TMG error message saying the changes cannot be saved.


Another glitch we’ve noticed is that some recent enrollments contain 8 digits, while previously all enrollments were 7-digit. In this case, if you type an 8-digit enrollment number you’ll see an error saying that it’s not a valid seven-digit license agreement number. The trick in this case is just to type the first 7 digits of the enrollment.