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Monthly Archives: August 2010

SharePoint 2010 Server comes in only one edition (I’m not speaking of SharePoint Foundation 2010). There is however a confusion about Standard and Enterprise Editions, as if they were two quite different server editions. They are not, though Microsoft add to the confusion by making two separate downloads available on their volume license download site, VLSC. Ironically, the two separate download options are apparently designed to avoid confusion. Nevertheless the download pages confirm that whichever option you choose you will get the same bits: SharePoint Server 2010 64bit (for Standard/Enterprise) English Part Number X16-43564 File size 722MB Format ISO.

This applies to the volume license options for SharePoint 2010 Server, Standard & Enterprise, For Internet Sites Standard, For Internet Sites Enterprise. In every case you will get the same download bits.

The main reason for this is that differences between Standard & Enterprise levels are licensed per client in the case of SharePoint 2010 for corporate intranets, though there is additional confusion in that SharePoint for Internet Sites is licensed either as a Standard or Enterprise Edition. Again this is a licensing distinction not a technical one. So where’s the key?…

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Forefront TMG 2010 includes two new features, URL Filtering & Malware Inspection that to be truly effective require a subscription. This is called Web Protection Service (WPS) and, unlike TMG itself, which is licensed per processor, WPS is licensed per user or device. The best post I’ve seen on the URL Filtering & Malware Inspection features is an article in TechNet magazine

So far so good. Question is, how do you subscribe to the service, and, how, after subscribing, do you activate the subscription?

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